CR7 underwear

Brand Story
The CR7 brand is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo's attitude towards life.
It's all about having fun while being engaged, having attention to detail, being
disciplined, but never forgetting to relax.
#PLAYFECTIONISM (plays perfect) embodies this way of life.
A concept that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to share with his millions of followers around the world
world. Along with a love of fashion and a passion for style, CR7 is always on the lookout for
the best materials and the latest trends.

The CR7 collection: A lifetime of dedication and passion
The collection symbolizes the dedication and hard work that Cristiano Ronaldo puts into his career!
Made with the highest quality materials and designed for a perfect and unique fit to the
Without being too tight or too loose!
To be used relaxing at home or in life's most intense game.
Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST!
Through perseverance and dedication, he overcame all the obstacles he faced in his
career, that same dedication goes into the elaboration of each CR7 Underwear article
Cristiano Ronaldo Collection.
It's the only underwear in the world that empowers you to look your best and pursue your dreams.
dreams, as is its name.

brand value
A balance between being committed to looking perfect and living a joyful life,
breaking the tension of classic fashion with fun and pure pleasure.

Premium materials for optimal comfort
The entire collection is made from the finest materials, a blend of luxury and comfort;
breathability offers a perfect, confident fit.

Maximum Movement and Mobility
The elastic and construction keep the perfect fit! Tight where it counts and adjustable,
increases movement and mobility! Allows exceptional movements.
Designed to meet the high expectations of our customers

Machine washable fabric
All items in the CR7 family are made from machine-washable fabric, allowing for
greater ease and convenience without worrying about ruining the part. you can trust during
many years.
Great for everyday use or physical activities.

Designed by the perfect experience!
The collection was designed in close collaboration between New York-based designer Richard Chai,
known for his work with brands such as Armani Exchange, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs.

The company behind the brand
Underwear with passion
The manufacturing partner behind the CR7 Underwear brand, established since 1939 as a
of Scandinavia's leading underwear manufacturers in terms of size, revenue and
With 300 employees, all dedicated to the production of underwear, it focuses on 4
Comfort; Quality; Innovation and individuality.
We believe these 4 values ​​contribute to a better underwear experience.