We are human! Yes, you read that right, we are human!

We are passionate about life, people, work.

We have a friend in every customer, employee, supplier or partner. And to our friends we only want to deliver the best product, the best service, the best price.

We seek perfection in everything we do, but we also make mistakes. And we are here to minimize damage and improve processes.

Innovation, Evolution, Determination, and lots of Fun, are our cardinal points.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take everything we do seriously, “because life isn't colorful, life is for coloring”.

Our Proposal.

We sell Underwear, Nightwear and Sportwear from some of the best brands on the market. We are official and exclusive distributors in Portugal of CR7 Underwear, Athlecia, NOQ and DailySocks. We are rigorous in the quality of the materials used in the products we sell, where comfort and aesthetics combine perfectly.

We don't deliver luxury, we deliver quality at a fair price. Everything to make you feel comfortable, confident and unstoppable, at any time of the day, on any occasion. We promise to raise your self-esteem and make you a happier person!

What We Value.

Ethics: in business, as in life, moral and legal values ​​guide us.

Justice: we seek to be fair in any situation. I believe you too!

Equality, diversity and inclusion : for a fairer society with growth opportunities for all.

Transparency: in human relations and in business. We don't know how to be otherwise.

Commitment: failing to fulfill our duties and obligations is not in our plans

Truth and Seriousness: in brand communication and promotion : if you ever feel cheated, contact us. It gives us a chance to defend ourselves.

What We Envision.

We work daily to earn consumer trust.

We aspire to be a national reference in Underwear & Nightwear online commerce, and to be recognized for the best price/quality ratio in the sector.

Our Mission.

We believe that we should take care of all those who have a relationship with us, and promote their well-being.

We want to contribute to a happier, fairer and more confident society in the future. A comfortable and unstoppable society!